Loire Wine Tours, Bed And Breakfast

La Grande Maison Loire - Saumur France


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The Loire Wines

Wine is of prime importance to your stay here. Our cellars stock an incredible selection of Loire Valley wines that can be tasted with our special Wine Sampling Suppers.  We serve quality food sourced locally, much of it from our own organic potager and cooked simply using the freshest of ingredients from the garden of France.


Our Table d'Hotes Wine Supper is available every Sunday or Monday (when reserved with your room booking) or on the first night of your arrival for a Wine Tour.


We spend the winter months researching Loire Valley Wines and taste new wines and meet new wine makers every year at the many Wine Salons at the end of January and early February. Our emphasis is on serving good quality wines with our meals, many organic or biodynamic. We even stock a few natural Loire wines in our cellar too. We seek out authentic wines that reflect the terroir and it's vignerons.


Here is a selection of Loire producers that we currently have in stock :


Chateau de Fosse Seche

Chateau Coulaine

Chateau Pierre Bise

Patrick Baudouin

Domaine des Sablonettes

Sebastian David

Frederick Mabileau

Domaine Baumard

Domaine Roche aux Moines

Coulée de Serrant

Xavier Courant

Domaine Filliatreau

FX Barc

Domaine de Chevallerie

Domaine de Juchepie

Domaine de Bablut

Chateau des Fesles

Chateau de Passavant

Pascal Lambert

Domaine de Noblaie

Charles Joguet

Chateau de Soucherie

Pithon-Paillé - Jo Pithon

Vincent Ogereau

René Mosse

Domaine de L’Ecu

Wilfred Rousse

Clos Cristal

Domaine St Just

Chateau de Brezé

Les Noades

Domaine de la Reniere

Chateau de Dupetit Thouars

Chateau de Hureau

Chateau de Targé

Langlois Chateau

Domaine de la Paleine

Bouvet Ladubay

Chateau de Chaintres

Laurie Dozon

Domaine Fouet

Domaine Vieux Bourg

Domaine de Vieux Pressoir

Chateau de Miniere

Domaine de Mihoudy

Clos de Cordeleirs





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