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Vegetarian or Vegan in France ?

It is a well known myth that France is a vegetarian desert and a vegan hell and well yes it's tricky but recently with the move to organic produce (the French call it 'Bio") there is much more food available at the markets and biocoops to enable us to be a little more creative.


At La Grande Maison we appreciate how hard it is to find good vegetarian or vegan food in France. How often have you asked for a simple salad and found lardons (ham) on it? There is still a resistence to accept that one just doesn't eat meat. In fact the government have a ban of vegetarian food being served in schools.


We were vegetarian when we first arrived in the country 11 years ago and it was nearly impossible then so we appreciate your needs and can cater for you accordingly. We source all our produce locally and it is always organic where possible and we also have an organic potager for basic produce such as tomatoes, courgettes and potatoes.


Please just let us know in advance of making your reservation any specific dietary requirements and we will cater for you accordingly. If you have any particular products that you essentially need during your stay then let us know and we will try and seek them out for you.


We are happy to cater for :


                                            * VEGETARIAN


                                            * VEGAN


                                            * GLUTEN FREE


                                            * LACTOSE INTOLERANT


































Please email your request to :   resv@lagrandemaison.net







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